How To Copy & Paste Your Resume

If your resume currently exists in an electronic format such as a Microsoft Word document, there is no need to re-type the information. Follow the steps below to copy and paste your resume from a word processor or text editor:

From Your Existing Resume Document:
  • Go to the Edit Menu, click on the Select All menu item
    Shortcut: Press Ctrl and A keys
  • Go to the Edit Menu, click on Copy.
    Shortcut: Press Ctrl and C keys
In Your Browser Window:
  • Click the "Paste" button at the top left of the "Copy and Paste Your Resume Here" box.
    If you have trouble getting the pasted data to display correctly, you can click the second paste button to paste the resume without formatting (Paste as Plain Text), and you can add your own formatting to it using the other buttons in that section.

Your resume text is now placed in the text box. You may need to adjust your text so that it is formatted correctly.