Formatting Tips for Microsoft Word Resumes
  1. Use standard fonts. It is very hard to match fonts between Word and HTML. More common fonts are Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman. You should also keep the same font throughout the document.

  2. Do not use a series of underscores to represent a line break. Instead use the standard line break in Word.

  3. Do not surround your resume body with a frame or use columns in your resume, as this can cause problems with the formatting. Instead use a table for formatting.

  4. Do not use spaces or tabs for formatting a table or aligning text. This could result in tables with uneven columns. You should use Word's alignment and indention features. If you have created a table using tabs, please use Word's table feature and turn off the borders. Images will not be preserved in the HTML view of your resume. This goes for regular images as well as bullets. They will, however, be preserved in your Word document, so job posters will still be able to see them when they download your Word document.

  5. Do not use fancy table borders like double or dotted borders. This might not be formatted correctly. Instead use standard single line borders.

Note: If you do not follow the above advice to edit your Word resume, it may generate a badly formatted HTML resume as a result.